The Home Page is a citizen journalism project that aims to raise awareness of slum housing conditions in order to change public policy. The site is a project of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) and is part of a larger effort to build leadership in the community and hold property owners and government officials accountable for the conditions that affect tenant’s health and welfare.



  • David Cortez

    Originally from Watts, David has lived in South Los Angeles on and off since 1975. He is a proud father and enjoys recording, mixing, and producing music. He is also interested in graphic design and digital art.


  • Manuel Medina

    Manuel is currently a student at Everest College in the Criminal Justice program, and becomes a student ambassador in 2013. Having graduated from Digital Connectors (2011) and Tech Connect (2011) and Tech Corp (2010), Manuel wants to create change in his community through digital technology. Manuel also graduated from CD Tech’s Community Organizing Academy in 2012.

  • Jesus Lopez

    Jesus Lopez has lived in South Los Angeles for over 20 years. He became involved in SAJE because this apartment was foreclosed on and fell into bad conditions. Jesus wants to share his own story fighting for tenant’s rights and the story of other vulnerable and low-income people who are neglected by the City.


  • Cynthia Lezama

    Cynthia was born and raised in South Los Angeles. She recently earned her degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Cal State Northridge. She is interning at SAJE to learn more about digital media and to help out tenants with communicating their slum housing conditions. She hopes to help create change in her community by raising awareness through this project.



    • Maya Abood

      Maya is a digital media organizer at SAJE. She conducts popular education workshops on content creation and training for our citizen journalists.


    • Jeorge Lopez

      Jeorge has lived in South Los Angeles for his entire life. He is interested in computers and hopes to learn more about digital media through participating in the project. He is interested in fitness and exercise and enjoys cooking for his friends and family.


    • Augustin Moreno

      Augustin has been a SAJE member for over three years and became involved because he wants to fight for more affordable housing and increased tenant’s rights. In his free time, Augustin likes to exercise and talk to people about what is happening in the community.


    • Samuel Sanchez

      Samuel was raised in downtown LA and has lived there for 17 years. He currently attends Civitas High School and is interested in becoming a filmmaker. He hopes that through this project he can help the community and learn more about editing videos.


    • William Ramirez

      William Ramirez has lived in South Los Angeles for 23 years and is participating in the project because he wants to contribute to his community and help to make it better. He recently graduated from Santa Monica City College with an AA in psychology and plans to pursue a career in therapy or counseling. In his free time he enjoys running, hiking, and staying active.


    • Chris Rowe

      Chris has lived in South Los Angeles for the past three years and works with SAJE through the recently formed Tenants in Action. Chris has an interest in media activism, and has spent the past months working on video projects highlighting the problems associated with slumlord housing conditions and the roles tenants take in combating these conditions. Currently, he attends USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where he studies writing for screen and television.

    • Adam Liszkiewicz

      Adam is a media artist and activist from Buffalo, NY, and coordinates development of the Tenants in Action Mobile App with SAJE. He designs socially conscious games with RUST, LTD., and worked with the City Voices, City Visions project to promote media literacy within Buffalo public schools. He received an M.F.A. in Media Arts Production from SUNY Buffalo, and is currently a Provost’s Fellow in the iMAP PhD program at the University of Southern California.

    • Craig Dietrich

      Craig Dietrich is a media activist, artist, and educator who has lived and worked in South Los Angeles since 2009. Before then, he apprenticed permaculture in Maine that he, along with Vanessa Vobis, apply to their urban farm on Bonsallo Ave. Craig grew up in Silicon Valley and leverages his roots in software by developing interactive programs including Scalar, an online publishing platform that promotes seamless interactions between cultural archives and authors. Craig is presently an Assistant Professor of Cinema Practice at USC‘s Institute for Multimedia Literacy, part of the School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches digital studies and creative coding classes.

    • The Home Page is a community collaboration between SAJE and the Institute for Multimedia Literacy. The project is funded by the The California Endowment.
      Special thanks to: Simon Glickman and Ezra Claytan Daniels.