People Not Pozos!

October 29, 2013 by Admin

On September 7, South Los Angeles residents of University Park came to an action due to environmental issues with Allenco Energy. Allenco Energy has an oil drill site right in the neighborhood next to Mt St. Mary’s College, Estrella Park and a few schools. Some residents, including Gabriela Garcia, shared their stories about having dizziness, respiratory distress/asthma, stuffy nose/congestion, pressure in the head, intense headaches, and spontaneous nosebleeds.

Mannequin heads used to display health conditions experienced by local residents

Mannequins heads used to display health conditions suffered by local residents

Nancy Ibrahim gave us the beautiful history of the apartments on 23rd Street until Allenco appeared taking over the community’s health through air pollution. ABC 7’s Christina Salvo interviewed Nancy and Monic Uriarte about her daughter’s nosebleeds, headaches, and stomachaches. Senator Barbara Boxer also got involved by demanding answers on a federal level from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Watch ABC 7’s Coverage Here: