Night of Power and Love

October 18, 2012 by Admin

On Saturday October 13, 2012. I went to St.Luke’s Episcopal Church in Long Beach, CA for the Night of Power and Love: API Undocumented Cultural Show, which is host by the DREAM Team L.A. and South Asians Justice for Justice L.A. The two people who host this event were Muneera Shariff and Bupendra, and also Muneera, who is a friend of mine since Speak Up! Their mission was too raise $5,000 in scholarship funds for undocumented students. Undocumented students are not only Latinos and Latinas from Mexico, Guatemata, El Salvador, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic; they also include South Asians from Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, India and Vietnam, and the Pacific Islands. At the event, four people shared their experiences about coming to the United States without papers using poetry; Anthony Ng, Adrian James, Sofia Campos amd Mariella Saba. There were four or five USC students who also perform as part of the Indian Fine Arts. This event was very important for everybody to support the DREAM Act in the United States and the around the world to take a stand against corruptions and discrimination.