They Say Go Away. We Say NO WAY!

Over thirty community members traveled to Fannie Mae’s Pasadena Offices to demand relocation assistance for the families at 1139 E. Adams

Fannie Mae- America’s Largest Slumlord

Since Fannie Mae foreclosed on their property in Sept. 2011, the tenants of 1139 E Adams have demanded that the bank either fix the unsafe living conditions or provide all the families with the legally required amount of relocation assistance.

After five months of negotiations, the Bank has still not fulfilled its legal responsibilities and the tenants continue to suffer the health impacts of slum housing.

On June 9th, we took a stand against Fannie Mae’s shameless slumlording and demanded that the Bank pay what it owes! We succeeded in having the Pasadena office fax a letter to Fannie Mae’s corporate office explaining the tenant’s situation and demanding a prompt response.