People’s Planning School 2013

South L.A. residents once again embarked on the road to a greater understanding of the community we call home. With insightful exchanges between presenters and residents alike, it’s no wonder why big developers are choosing cooperation and agreements over the business of simply catering to the bottom dollar. Here’s a taste of the February 2013 People’s Planning School held at SAJE, which covered a skit by our own SAJE staff to demonstrate how big developers push out tenants from their homes.

The People’s Planning School was also covered last year. You can read the blog post by clicking on the link here : The People’s Planning School

Shoddy Work: Jesus Lopez Update

Jesus Lopez was at SAJE recently and gave us the latest concerning his apartment’s repairs and “un-repairs”, for lack of a better term. (See ‘SAJE Leader Jesus Lopez‘) Even though the situation is looking better as far as going forward with repairs, there are still many more problems with other rooms in his apartment, especially in his kitchen.

His kitchen ceiling is full of mold. He fears that mold might fall into his family’s food since it is located right on top of their stove.

If you face a similar problem, please file a report online with the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health at

Empower Yourself!

As you watch this video, observe the unnecessary struggle Alma and her family must endure to stay “above water” in a manner of speaking. Would the slumlord who owns that property have their health and much less the health of their children at risk of sickness or worse in order to save a few bucks?

“The process of really being with other people in a safe, supportive situation can actually change who we think we are. . . . And as we grow closer to the essence of who we are, we tend to take more responsibility for our neighbors and our planet.”
~Bill Kauth


Wrapping Up 2012!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for sometime now…. Being that its close to the end of 2012, I couldn’t have chosen a better moment than 7:30 in the a.m. on a rainy monday morning.
First of all, as a member of the South L.A. community, I’d like to thank SAJE for their time and resources in assembling the people that helped these things come to pass.
First, has given our community an opportunity to amplify their voices and concerns, which lots of times are drowned out by simple negligence. You get to see, hear and read first hand accounts of how some of our neighbors’ are living. And with a focus on slum-housing conditions, we can address and transform these hazardous environments. So thank you SAJE, may you all find health and happiness in all your socks this Christmas 😀
There were two other BIG developments in our community. One is The Lorenzo Project, and the the other is the USC Expansion. ( I’ll go into more specifics on these two developments in upcoming blogs.) The significance of these two projects is that they are paving the way for unprecedented partnerships between land-developers and communities. I personally believe this will have time-proven positive effects that we aren’t even aware of yet. But for now, there is one thing that you can walk away with here that is for certain: PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE THAN PROPERTY.

Cheers y’all!