City to fine Banks $1,000 a Day for Blighted Homes

By guest writer: David Mazariegos

Today at City Hall two dozen community members, from SAJE, Good Jobs L.A. and ACCE witnessed City Council amend language into the foreclosure registry ordinance. The amendments give the ordinance a more proactive stance that is  based on regular city inspections instead the previous complaint-driven model.

The Amendments include

  • A requirement that banks register properties acquired through foreclosure  directly with the city
  • An increase in the registration fee
  • Dedicated inspectors from the Building and Safety Department, whose job will be  to survey the homes that recently went through foreclosure
  • A summer job program for community folks to clean some of these homes
  • And monthly reports from the Building and Safety Department that lists how much money the city has collected in fines .

The only counter argument came from the Chamber of Comerce who said it was unreasonble to move forword with these amendments so quickly. Those arguments fell on deaf years, but thanks to our members two month campaign to create the political will to make this happen. the council went on to vote unanimously 14-0 in favor of the amendments. The campaign included numerous press conferences a blight tour and yesterday a trash delivery action on Bank of New York Mellon in downtown Los Angeles

They Say Go Away. We Say NO WAY!

Over thirty community members traveled to Fannie Mae’s Pasadena Offices to demand relocation assistance for the families at 1139 E. Adams

Fannie Mae- America’s Largest Slumlord

Since Fannie Mae foreclosed on their property in Sept. 2011, the tenants of 1139 E Adams have demanded that the bank either fix the unsafe living conditions or provide all the families with the legally required amount of relocation assistance.

After five months of negotiations, the Bank has still not fulfilled its legal responsibilities and the tenants continue to suffer the health impacts of slum housing.

On June 9th, we took a stand against Fannie Mae’s shameless slumlording and demanded that the Bank pay what it owes! We succeeded in having the Pasadena office fax a letter to Fannie Mae’s corporate office explaining the tenant’s situation and demanding a prompt response.

Jesus Lopez Talks About the Banks Making His Life Miserable

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