By David Cortez. So I was at SAJE yesterday getting set up to author contributions to the website. After we got everything established for me to start my pecking, I was headed out the door when I ran into one of my neighbors. We have exchanged pleasant greetings for years now. I remember walking to and from my son’s elementary school and seeing her with her children doing the same. She has always greeted me with kindness and I feel good knowing that people like her inhabit my community..
However, on this day she had the air of worry in her voice as she explained to me that her landlord was trying to evict her and her children without a just cause. This is not uncommon among low-income residents and I know exactly how it feels to be in this situation. The one thing these type of landlords count on is people not knowing their tenant rights (or human rights for that matter), which more often than not we take for granted. Though her situation is demoralizing, her steps led her to the right place. Passion for rights is like a coat of arms for the people at SAJE and I’m proud to know them. I have full confidence that her family will not be distraught by threats of eviction after she’s been educated about her rights. Lets tip the scales from victims to victors, each one doing what they can to catalyze that end.