People’s Planning School 2013

South L.A. residents once again embarked on the road to a greater understanding of the community we call home. With insightful exchanges between presenters and residents alike, it’s no wonder why big developers are choosing cooperation and agreements over the business of simply catering to the bottom dollar. Here’s a taste of the February 2013 People’s Planning School held at SAJE, which covered a skit by our own SAJE staff to demonstrate how big developers push out tenants from their homes.

The People’s Planning School was also covered last year. You can read the blog post by clicking on the link here : The People’s Planning School

Socorro Speaks Up

Many situations have been featured on THE-HOME-PAGE.NET in which slumlords have tried to get the better of folks and ended up biting off more than they could chew. It’s in no small part due to the folks that go beyond “common”. They step in from the sidelines to captain their ships on a quest for fair treatment in matters that don’t just hit close to home, THEY ARE HOME. Socorro is one of these people whose strength and resilience has led her to seek out a resolution to her escalating problems at the place where her and her family reside. Though this isn’t the average case of slumlord neglect and harassment, all the symptoms are there followed by a big fat +. Why the plus? Lets let Socorro’s own words be the testament as she details her situation to Cynthia Lezama at SAJE HQ.

NOTE: For people who aren’t sure what their rights are concerning harassment issues by a landlord (or anyone acting on their behalf), here’s a pdf file with examples of different types of harassment and what you can do according to your rights and the law. Landlord Harassment PDF

Shoddy Work: Jesus Lopez Update

Jesus Lopez was at SAJE recently and gave us the latest concerning his apartment’s repairs and “un-repairs”, for lack of a better term. (See ‘SAJE Leader Jesus Lopez‘) Even though the situation is looking better as far as going forward with repairs, there are still many more problems with other rooms in his apartment, especially in his kitchen.

His kitchen ceiling is full of mold. He fears that mold might fall into his family’s food since it is located right on top of their stove.

If you face a similar problem, please file a report online with the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health at

An Unsafe Home

Manuela L. has been living in her apartment for 14 years. She has five kids and is pregnant with another baby on the way. Her apartment has gone through different management personnel, but her apartment remains with the same slum conditions.

Recently, the mold in her apartment was “cured,” but after a few months it returned.
Most of the windows in her apartment are broken. Her children are prohibited from playing in the apartment hallways and in the backyard. The only place for them to play is in her living room. She fears for their safety, as she knows that they are very active and does not want any accidents to occur due to the broken windows.

Struggle with Bed Bugs

Daaihma H. not only has mold in her house, she also has bed bugs. These bed bugs don’t only affect her, but her small children as well. Both of her kids are small and are defenseless in fighting off these bugs. Her 2 month old baby is full of rashes. Her 5-year-old daughter can’t sleep at night. She has already given her landlord notices, but he refuses to fix the problem. Now, she has gone to her children’s physician to obtain a letter proving that the afflicting rashes are caused by the bed bugs in the apartment.

SAJE Leader Jesus Lopez

On March 12, 2013, I interviewed Jesus Lopez about what happened with the repairmen in his home after New Year’s Day. Jesus already had problems with them due to a previous occasion where they only painted over the mold in his kitchen instead of doing a full restoration. This time they were about to do the same in the bathroom, but he stops them. He knows his rights as a tenant and stopped them because he knew that they were not making full repairs.

Jesus has been featured in one of our Spotlight’s before. To get a little more background on his story you can click on the link to read it: Jesus Lopez vs. US Bank