Socorro Speaks Up

Many situations have been featured on THE-HOME-PAGE.NET in which slumlords have tried to get the better of folks and ended up biting off more than they could chew. It’s in no small part due to the folks that go beyond “common”. They step in from the sidelines to captain their ships on a quest for fair treatment in matters that don’t just hit close to home, THEY ARE HOME. Socorro is one of these people whose strength and resilience has led her to seek out a resolution to her escalating problems at the place where her and her family reside. Though this isn’t the average case of slumlord neglect and harassment, all the symptoms are there followed by a big fat +. Why the plus? Lets let Socorro’s own words be the testament as she details her situation to Cynthia Lezama at SAJE HQ.

NOTE: For people who aren’t sure what their rights are concerning harassment issues by a landlord (or anyone acting on their behalf), here’s a pdf file with examples of different types of harassment and what you can do according to your rights and the law. Landlord Harassment PDF

Empower Yourself!

As you watch this video, observe the unnecessary struggle Alma and her family must endure to stay “above water” in a manner of speaking. Would the slumlord who owns that property have their health and much less the health of their children at risk of sickness or worse in order to save a few bucks?

“The process of really being with other people in a safe, supportive situation can actually change who we think we are. . . . And as we grow closer to the essence of who we are, we tend to take more responsibility for our neighbors and our planet.”
~Bill Kauth


Park Grove or Slum Grove ll

On an earlier blog post, some residents living over on Park Grove Ave. in South L.A. spoke out about their apartment’s damaged condition. Some harassment issues with the manager of that apt. building were also discussed. ( click here to view post )

On January 3rd of 2013, Joey M. -another resident of that building- dropped by SAJE to update everyone on HIS OWN situation over at “Slum Grove”. With smartphone in hand, Berta Garcia -Community Leader at SAJE- captured some footage of Joey expressing his concerns.

Living In The Damp

Sometime in September, this video was captured by Gloria Serrano -SAJE- and Berta Garcia -Community Leader at SAJE- inside of a South L.A. resident’s home. By home I mean an apartment well passed the dire point in needing repairs, especially where water is concerned. Take a look at what Maria Gervacio and her downstairs neighbor are dealing with….

SAJE vs Fannie Mae

On March 1, 2012 I attended the emergency press conference at 1139 East Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90011. The Executive Director of SAJE, Paulina Gonzalez, had the conference because Fannie Mae was being irresponsible. Three different families were being affected due to serious damages at one of their buildings. The tenants, which include eleven children, had to live in severe slum conditions. For more than seven months they had to go without water and utilities. Broken windows, holes in the floors and walls, molds in the walls, and rat infestation that made the children sick were also serious issues. These families got involved with SAJE and a plan to take action was formed. On June 8, 2012 I attended the protest in order to document everything. It took place at the Fannie Mae building located at 135 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101. During the protest, I witnessed a few security guards laughing inside the building and I felt it was disrespectful. Nonetheless, Fannie Mae needs to take full responsibility for the conditions these three families were forced to live under.