People’s Planning School 2013

South L.A. residents once again embarked on the road to a greater understanding of the community we call home. With insightful exchanges between presenters and residents alike, it’s no wonder why big developers are choosing cooperation and agreements over the business of simply catering to the bottom dollar. Here’s a taste of the February 2013 People’s Planning School held at SAJE, which covered a skit by our own SAJE staff to demonstrate how big developers push out tenants from their homes.

The People’s Planning School was also covered last year. You can read the blog post by clicking on the link here : The People’s Planning School

Living In The Damp

Sometime in September, this video was captured by Gloria Serrano -SAJE- and Berta Garcia -Community Leader at SAJE- inside of a South L.A. resident’s home. By home I mean an apartment well passed the dire point in needing repairs, especially where water is concerned. Take a look at what Maria Gervacio and her downstairs neighbor are dealing with….