Rent Day Action: Taking on “The Great White Shark”

July 30, 2013 by Admin

On Monday, July 1st tenants who live on William Little’s properties united to protest on rent day to demand better housing conditions in their apartments. Many tenants who were in attendance suffer from asthma and other health conditions, which are directly caused by the roaches and mold that go ignored by Little.

SAJE leader Jesus Lopez, took initiative and led the group of tenants to the front door of the management office where he demanded for a spokesperson to come out and hear their demands. Although the doors to the management office were shut, tenants made sure that their demands be seen by inserting a letter listed with their concerns into the mail slot as dozens of reporters stood watch.

During the press conference, Elizabeth Jaqcue, a tenant who has lived almost her entire life in Little’s 39th St. property demanded proper security! Her main concern is that cars go in and out of the properties parking at high speeds knowing very well that there are kids playing in the area. Other neighbors have also witnessed this happen and even say that kids have already been run over, but that their gates continue to remain open to the public.

William Little has been well-known as a deceitful landlord since the 80’s. He was featured in an article by the Los Angeles Times where he was dubbed as “The Great White Shark” for his “investments” in foreclosed properties that he resold to make himself a millionaire. In that decade alone, Little had filed more than 2,200 complaints that were mostly eviction proceeding in Los Angeles –nearly one per day. Today, tenants organized by SAJE are not allowing history to repeat and are fighting back! They are demanding respect for their health!

William Little owns more than 140 properties in Los Angeles County. Together SAJE, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation and St. John’s Well Child and Family Center have filed dozens of complaints against Little’s properties. As tenants, we will not stop in making our demands heard!. While Mr. Little enjoys his life of luxury, we will continue on planning how to make him responsible! William Little needs to follow new laws for safe homes in Los Angeles.

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